The Landfill

The SBI landfill is proposed to rehabilitate the void created by the quarry at the Ballarto Road site.  It will be filled in approximately eight years with solid inert waste.  The landfill is required to service the local inert waste market, with waste material generated largely from the construction industry.  While Victoria recycles approximately two thirds of all waste there still remains a residual component that must be placed in landfill.

Solid inert waste is hard waste such as rubble, soil, timber, packaging and furniture.  Food, green waste and hazardous wastes will not be accepted at the site.  Landfill gas is generated principally from the decomposition of food and green waste and as such the odour and other landfill gas impacts that can cause concerns at putrescible landfills will not occur at this site.

Stringent environmental controls will be in place to control noise and dust from the site operations.  The site will be lined with a clay liner and when completed it will be capped and planted with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. An area the size of seven football fields will be gifted to the community as parkland with the SBI proposal including a wetland, walking paths and playground.



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