SBI Inert Landfill

SBI Cranbourne Quarries is proposing to stop quarrying at its Ballarto Road site and establish a landfill for building waste. This would mean no more blasting and dramatically fewer truck movements than today.

If the project goes ahead, the SBI quarry pit will take around eight years to fill and when it is full the land will be rehabilitated. An area the size of seven football fields will be gifted to the community as parkland and the remainder developed for quality housing.

The landfill will only receive waste such as building rubble and non-recyclable packaging. No food or green waste will be accepted so the landfill will not smell or attract pests.

SBI understands that this is an important project for the community and has established a Community Engagement Group (CEG) to help us speak with our community about the proposal.

SBI has also established a ‘hotline’ and specific email address to respond to community enquires.

Hotline: 0408 330 597

Direct Email:

Further information can also be obtained from the brochure headed SBI Cranbourne Quarries moves to end quarrying. Alternatively, please contact a member of the Community Engagement Group. Contact details for members of the CEG can be found on the CEG page of this website.  







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